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Toby Ellis is a BAFTA-recognized British composer, sound designer & percussionist best known for his music for award winning short animated film, global TV placements & video games. He has established over seven years of experience working professionally within music, film and interactive multimedia on over fifty diverse creative projects in a range of styles & genres. Including composing, designing & recording the audio for interactivity in indie & award winning mobile games, BBC, Channel 5, ABC television placements. prize winning animated festival shorts, online documentaries, film dramas & sci-fi/fantasy/action-adventure.


Recently, he has become a member of BAFTA's industry recognized Crew & Connect program; gained invaluable AAA industry experience at Studios La Fabrique with Alan Meyerson (Star Wars: Jedi Survivor) & begun writing and developing bespoke music & sound as an in-house creative at G-Gaming Limited (2020-); & composed the music for Global Documentary TV Album 'War Stories (2020)' with Ian Livingstone, Jake JacksonThom Powell, Oscar Aldred & Danny Cullen at Universal Production Music UK label, True Stories. In doing so, he has gained multiple credits for his sound on upcoming iOS & Android game titles and music broadcast television music placements on The One Show, Paradise Hotel (Love Island), Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer Spot etc.


Most notably in the freelance world, his indie-developer team finishing as frontrunners for peoples choice at the annual community Global Game Jam with 'Astra'eology (2021)' & 'Lancaster (2020)' at NUA, being credited on numerous festival shorts including 'I Florentina (2019)', 'The Beachcombers (2022), upcoming titles 'Love You Always (2023)', 'Skipping Hollie (2023)', 'Our Little Boat (2023)' & writing the original score to Award Winning Shorts 'Light Reminders (2019)' and 'Imaginary (2020)' by artist & illustrator Megan Ryan.

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