Marvel's Spider-Man_ Miles Morales_20201

I'm a big Spider-Man fan and after playing it through a few times I felt like making a introductory medley from a few of the tracks in what has turned out my favorite amongst my shelf of video games! This soundtrack and the spiders themselves are fictional characters I have a lot of time for, with Stan Lee's/Steve Ditkos adapted stories and the diverse depth of world that's been created within Peasano's interactive music here for this particular videogame being something I hold pretty close to heart and part of a big reason why I picked it out!


VST mockup is two sections extracted from the first two track of the OST "Don't Give Up" & 'Rhino Rampage' from the classic action/adventure superhero experience by John Peasano


Approx. 2 minutes. View the post via VO Forum here.


This is Toby's take for the Score The World - Film Scoring Contest 2021 sequence to picture on the Academy Award Winning Foreign Language Film, Son of Saul (2016) directed by Laszlo Nemes. The task was to find the right balance in sadness, fury and tension to keep the viewer’s attention and to fit the movie itself. To not to necessarily score the whole clip, but demonstrate the need to know when to stay silent and when to enhance the music. 


It was a greatly taken opportunity and challenge to demonstrate and showcase this trio of technical, production and compositional skillsets and standings in order to underlie the sound world already lushly crafted within the scene. But also to contain and convey a real emotional weight within the music for it to be successfully able to do the scene the its justice! This competition allows a composer to learn the vital pacing and tonal balance for this kind of a tense filmic situation whilst additionally being able to obtain some key industry feedback from thriving audio industry professionals such as the films credited sound designer Tamás Zányi, Orchestral Mixing and Mastering engineer Joël Dollié and Netflix Film/TV Composer Marc Jovani.

A large portion of this competitions profits are being gratefully donated AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU Museum and Memorial, in order to preserve the history and keep exhibition centres such as this open to further educate, research and publish projects both in and moving forward from this period of the pandemic. Please find a link to that here:

The entry uses just a small part from the full feature film where the soundtrack has been written and produced by me and it's not part of the original movie. No other distribution/modification was allowed in the making of the score for this particular competition.

Hope I've made my voice as clear as I can for you here, it was a tough one! Thanks.

Competition Result - World Ranking 154/+400 

Approx. 4 minutes. View the results for the competition here.


This my submission for The Cue Tube's most recent charity scoring competition Score Relief 2021, where I had to compose and produce the music to a professional standard for the Blender Studio Animation Spring (2019) that would underlie the characters and action as part of my contest entry. Thanks to The Cue Tube for the opportunity! You can find out more about the competition and the relief efforts here: ​


The original film Spring (2019) was written and directed by Andy Goralczyk and produced courtesy of the Blender Animation Studio.


Score Relief 2021 is a film music competition with a heart, composer network platform 'The Cue Tube' are raising donations in support of the Backup Hardship Fund; providing relief to technical workers from the events and entertainment industries, and their families, who have lost income, or experienced other difficulties, as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Had an absolutely amazing time again, figuring out my voice in this one!


Please donate where you can!



Approx. 4 minutes. View the results for the competition here.


Mixing & Score Analysis - Virtual Orchestration

This is a second attempt at MIDI Programmed Orchestration, all input by ear. This is a TV mockup in MIDI of 'Between the World's' by Lorne Balfe from His Dark Materials (Main Titles Series 2). Before taking on this challenge I had been pretty obsessed with this fantastic show over the weeks and months of viewing on BBC One (HBO) and was absolutely blown away by the music and it's emotion fueled take in series two!

Listen to the original track here: 

Composer Lorne Balfe posted an really generous clip on his twitter feed that followed along with some of the main ensemble sections of the orchestra, which helped in the later stages of transcription when neatening things up for upload! Please find the link to it here. 

Feedback #1: "By ear !!! Amazing work Toby" - Lorne Balfe, VO Community, Facebook.


Approx. 2 minutes. View the post via VO Forum here.

2021-04-01 (2).png

Animated Short Film Composer Scoring Competition

The Indie Film Music Contest 2020 by Falken Media was created with idea for intermediate composers to showcase their skills in utilizing speed and practice under industry lead conditions to become cleaner at the core compositional and technical abilities like orchestrating, mixing and mastering and to prepare composers for scoring feature film. 



Was really excited to have been able to share my take publicly for this years film by Blender's (Disney Animation) Caminandes 3: Llamingos in competition, a real special Christmas surprise and treat. The competition itself was judged by industry professional and affiliated composers such as George Oldziey (Spy Kids 3D, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Kill Bill, Volume 2) and J. Eric Schmidt (Quack Pack, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, Uncharted Video Game Franchise) to name a few.

Feedback #1: "Good spotting for tension spots. Nice mixture of musical elements and colours. Very appropriate for this clip." - The IFMC Team, Personal Message.


Approx. 3 minutes. View the results for the competition here.


Score Analysis - Virtual Orchestration

My first fully produced MIDI virtual orchestration clip fully re-composed by ear from the original clip of the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Have always had really a special place for this film close to heart; it's sheer rhythmic franticness involved in Williams' fun 'thrill of the chase' type nature within the score lends itself gracefully to the on screen comedic tendencies with the forever charming father son relationship Indy and Connery's Henry Jones Sr. share throughout the film. Making it one of my absolute all time favorite scenes and movie to revisit and enjoy!


VST mockup of "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from the classic adventure feature by John Williams. 

Feedback #1: "This is awesome! (...) Get yourself better samples if you can. This mockup of yours really deserves it." - Fabio Gee, Peer (Composer), VO Community, Facebook.


Approx. 4 minutes. View the post via VO Forum here.


TV Scene Composer Scoring Competition

Spitfire Audio & HBO 2020 - A stylistic musical interpretation of a big action/chase sequence from an episode of HBO's Westworld Season 3, score mixed & composed by Toby Ellis. The underlying score here could be best described as a vivace hybrid orchestral, contemporary orchestral or experimental/ new age composition set. 


Spitfire Audio teamed up with HBO’s Westworld to bring an exclusive competition, judged by the show’s creators. Score a scene from Westworld Season 3 for your chance to showcase your work to the best in the business. Entries will be judged by an elite panel comprising the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi, as well as the creators: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams and the team at Spitfire Audio.


Approx. 5 minutes. View the competition here.

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Media  Composition Showreel

Professional Portfolio 2019 - Original Music & Audio Leadership Showreel (2018-2019) that displays a specialism in music composition for film & television and diversifies in sound mixing & design, across a broad range of commissioned original projects that were formed alongside a variety of unique peer collaborations in addition to my studies in film school, University of Hertfordshire. 

All of the music heard in this extract are completely original works, material and concept, composed and sounds produced directly to picture by Toby Ellis. 

Approx. 5-6 minutes. View more of my MSc work here & BSc work here.