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Final Reflections – Music & Sound Studies – Reflection Article 14

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

In my fourteenth and final reflective blog post, I would like to just summarise my overall research journey over the last few months of being a bit of a investigatory sponge, absorbing a variety of conceptual developments and taking to new and exciting information in the world of music and sound for film and games. I have thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on new information from what I feel have been a variety of different peer related journal articles and documentations. I feel like for here now, at the end of all things in semester A of my masters degree, I can say with confidence I have learn’t a wealth of knowledge on my chosen subject area, become more organised when planning these posts and enquiries and more so how to write more fluently in an analytical manner for future endeavours in academic writing too.

I’m glad I could use this time wisely to gain current, in depth industry knowledge, document it and play around with ideas for both current and future endeavours in the industry. I have in these reflections, managed to look into early propositional ideas for my major project assignment over the summer. Peering into how dynamic music is now anchoring its way towards more complex adaptive system and how that could potentially be managed in my library music and compositional developments in short films and videogames. I’ve been mindful of developments in surround sound technologies in case I fall into jobs involving mixing or editing audio in spacial 3D audio design formats; discussed from a composers point of view the importance of sound design and understanding of its modernised features in its marriage with musical score; discovered new terminology such as musical vitality and observed various techniques composers have used to successfully re-vitalise a theme or idea again and again with significant results; showed my understand of musical score through current soundtrack reviews; and produced detailed research into the industry today and in doing so constructed a detailed business plan that will serve as a promising start to any of my independent ventures in the audio industry.

I feel my research will conjure up questions of their own going forward that I could fall down into many a rabbit hole if I so desired to. The goals set out at the start of my blog I believe for now have at the very least been achieved with elements of new discussions discovered along the way and I believe many elements to have been of pushing the boundaries of my discipline.

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